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A year long, inquiry based Art and Science course in collaboration with the Alberta College of Art & Design (ACAD), the University of Calgary and the Banff Centre. This interdisciplinary course will draw upon such skills as graphics, human-computer interaction, interaction design, visualization, representation, perception, and aesthetics to investigate different modes of inquiry into creative practice at the intersection of art and science.

This research/creation course will result in a research project and paper and project exhibition.

Credits: 2 Full Course Equivalents (12 credits)

Courses: CPSC 598.01, CPSC 598.02, ART 560 (L2), ART 560 (L3)

Duration: Fall 2006 and Winter 2007 Semesters

Requirements: Consent of both departments. Exceptions for the pre-requisities for AStecs courses will be considered on an individual basis.

Co-requisites: One of CPSC 598.yy (Special Computer Science Interdisciplinary Section: for Fine Arts Students) or CPSC 598.zz (Special Computer Science Interdisciplinary Section: for Computer Science Students)and one of ART 560 (Special Arts Interdisciplinary Section: for Fine Arts Students) or ART 560 (Special Arts Interdisciplinary Section: for Computer Science Students)

Description: This is a intense course spread over two semesters that brings students from U of C and ACAD together to to generate new work and new understandings in the context of collaboration between art and science. The course is co-taught by faculty from Fine Art, Computer Science, and ACAD. Students from U of C Comp Sci and Fine Art Departments together with ACAD MADT students will undertake collaborative work in teams of 2 students to produce visualizations and interactions informed by the intersection of two modes of inquiry: art and science.

The course will take the form of workshops, tutorials, lectures and residencies.

At the start of each term students and faculty will attend a 4 day residential period at the Banff centre in which proposals, projects and teams will be defined and understandings developed. Throughout the semester students will attend class sessions, lectures and workshops ''' Appplication:''' Space for this course is limited to 20 students: 10 Computing Science students, 5 Fine Arts Students and 5 ACAD students - entry will be very competitive.

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