Innovations in Visualization

Getting Started with the Large Display Framework


This document provides an overview of the current version of the framework, which has substantial differences from the original prototype implementation. We start by providing some important definitions used in the description of the framework architecture. Next, we present the layered structure where a large display application that uses the framework is inserted, followed by a more detailed description of each layer and its classes. Finally, we conclude and invite the reader to learn more in the code tutorials.

Tutorial 1 : Creating a Simple Application using the Toolkit

This tutorial will guide you through the process of setting up and using the Large Display Framework developed in the Interactions Lab at the University of Calgary. In this first part, you will be creating a simple application that makes use of some of the existing components in the toolkit package.

Tutorial 2 : Create Your Own Strategies

Building on the knowledge gained from the first tutorial, this second part illustrates how you can create your own strategies.