Innovations in Visualization


Petra Neumann Isenberg
Annie Tat
Torre Zuk
Sheelagh Carpendale

Personalizing Typed Text through Visualization

With the ubiquity of typed text, the style and much of the personality of handwriting has been lost from general communication. To counter this we introduce an artistic real-time visualization of typed messages that additionally captures and encodes aspects of an individual’s unique typing style. The potential of our system to augment electronic communication was evaluated and the results are provided along with analysis of their implications for social visualization.



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Petra Neumann, Annie Tat, Torre Zuk and Sheelagh Carpendale. KeyStrokes: Personalizing Typed Text with Visualization. In Proceedings of Eurographics\,/\,IEEE VGTC Symposium on Visualization (EuroVis~2007, May 23--25, 2007, Norrköping, Sweden). (Aire-la-Ville), Eurographics, pages 43-50, 2007. The definitive version is available at \url{}. PDF Paper Video File