Innovations in Visualization

memory [en]code

Uta Hinrichs
Holly Schmidt
Sheelagh Carpendale


memory [en]code is an interactive tabletop installation - the attempt to visualize the dynamic character of human memory in an interactive way.

memory [en]code invites participants to enter an immersive contemplative space where they will encounter a visualization of memory on a tabletop device. Here, participants can recall and share narratives of their memories. Entered on the tabletop interface, memories become cellular forms that contain the entered text. These memories can be interacted with in a number of ways.

Participants can release and read the memories contained in the cells. They can also merge cells, thereby merging the memory narratives. Overtime the memories begin to shape one another becoming a collective memory for those that interacted with the system.

This project was part of the course Art Science and Technology (2006-2007).



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