Innovations in Visualization

Annotations On Large Displays

Tobias Isenberg
Petra Neumann
Sheelagh Carpendale
Simon Nix
Saul Greenberg

We provide the capabilities to interactively create annotations for high-resolution information displays using low-resolution input. These types of annotations are important during collaborative information exploration to externalize parts of the exploration process for the collaborators. We provide the possibility of using direct touch-input with pen or finger at a low resolution to write or draw annotations. These are made available as Sticky Notes that can then be used without major costs in rendering time and screen-real-estate on a high-resolution display.



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Tobias Isenberg, Petra Neumann, Sheelagh Carpendale, Simon Nix and Saul Greenberg. Interactive Annotations on Large, High-Resolution Information Displays. In 2006 Conference Compendium of IEEE VIS, IEEE InfoVis, and IEEE VAST (October 29--November 3, 2006, Baltimore, Maryland, USA). (Los Alamitos), IEEE Computer Society, pages 124-125, 2006. Extended abstract and poster. PDF Paper Video File