Innovations in Visualization

Visualizing Uncertainty

Torre Zuk
Sheelagh Carpendale
Christopher Collins


This research project will investigate how to represent visually the uncertainty that is inherent in many types of data and processes, and analyze how these interactive representations are utilized. Often data, or the manner in which it is acquired, has some type of uncertainty associated with it. This may be due to how it is collected in that instruments have limitations, or how it is generated in that simulations are often based on probabilities and so provide us with stochastic data. Even data free of uncertainty will often acquire uncertainty due to processing and viewing transformations that modify it. The process of interpretation or generalization from specific data also has inherent uncertainty as these processes usually contain non-deterministic mappings. The focus of this research will be in the domain of Evidence-based Medicine, in which probabilities and Bayesian inference are used to make decisions under uncertainty.

To visually integrate uncertainty into a visual representation that has more than one dimension is not straight forward. Therefore even though this information may be of critical importance to a user’s task, the uncertainty is regularly not presented. The importance of visualizing significant uncertainty is widely accepted, but no practical framework exists. Great amounts of effort are required to acquire, process, and analyze data, while the presentation of this information is usually done using existing or generic systems that may not lend themselves to the specific task. Often the data or meta-data has a level of uncertainty associated with it, or it may represent one potential outcome, and so it is important that a user has appropriate confidence in their interpretation. The goal of this research will be to determine and what and how visual representations can be provided and manipulated to enable users to understand and manage uncertainty effectively.


Visualizing Uncertainty in Lattices to Support Decision-Making


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